If you have oak trees on your property, they can provide you with many benefits. Many people think of them as simply the trees that produce acorns. Although this is a natural byproduct of what they are able to do, they are able to do so many other things. The positioning of the trees and their size can contribute in several different ways. They can provide shade for backyard areas, and also allow children to learn how to climb. Swings can be set up in them, but before any of this is done, you need to be focused on their health for the long term. Here are some of the benefits of Live Oak trees that you can experience if you have a few on your property.

What Are Live Oak Trees?

These are also called Evergreen Oaks. They have a little bit different appearance than a standard oak tree. They have distinct Evergreen foliage, unlike the standard leaves that appear on oak trees that fall off during the winter. The reason they are called Live Oak is that of their Evergreen abilities. This is a name that is primarily used in the northern hemisphere. They are prolific in areas where it is continually warm. For example, if you were to travel to Florida, although we up to Southeast Virginia, you will see them along the coast and they are also in the Southwest of the United States.

What Benefits Can They Provide?

In regard to their ability to provide benefits while they are alive, this has to do with shade primarily. When they are cut down, they are often used in what is called American butt shipbuilding. They are very popular because of their height, and they can easily be events and curved into the hull of the ship. Additionally, they are useful for planks that will last for decades. It is a hardwood, and therefore it is much more beneficial when constructing ships. As you can probably imagine, they also have a very high specific gravity. It is one of the highest of all of the hardwoods in North America.

Should You Plant One Of These On Your Property?

You should certainly consider planting one of these on your property for a couple different reasons. First of all, they do have a very beautiful appearance. Second, as mentioned before, they can provide a substantial amount of shade. Those that are over 100 years old can be extremely large. Finally, they are different from a standard oak tree because they are Evergreen which means you will not have all of the leaves to rake up every year. You should plant one for the simple sake of having one of these beautiful trees on your property which may actually increase your property value.

These benefits of Live Oak trees should show you why they are popular in the boating industry, and also why they might be exactly what you need on your property. You can plant one, and over the course of several decades, you will see that it will grow into a beautiful tree that will become a distinctive part of this place where you live. It will also add to the resale value of your house, helping you to potentially sell your home faster and also generate more money for it. These trees are unique, and despite the work being and twisting that can occur when making furniture, they do have domestic value when it comes to shipbuilding.